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Oct 15, 2010

Yoga Mat Flip-FlopThe core of making a flip-flop hasn’t changed much in the past few decades. The materials and design have been updated, but flip-flops are still for the most part made in the exact same way as they have been for a long time. Rightfully so, since the flip-flop is pretty much the most basic type of footwear in existence!

Flip-flops were one of the first types of footwear that innovators began experimenting with, flip-flops made from recycled automobile tires, flip-flops made from old carpet, and now flip-flops made from repurposed yoga mats!

Aug 02, 2010

Laptop BatteryToday I received a new laptop battery – it’s pretty exciting for me because my current battery only holds a charge for about 5 minutes.  So now I’m back humming 100% with this new battery and able to go about my day in my usual un-tethered manner! But what remains of this re-battery process is my old battery. Pretty much a useless item to me, so what do I do with this item which clearly has some toxic components inside of it? Dell did not provide any instruction for what to do. Ahh!!

So that’s my rant for the day – but it got us thinking about the afterlife of a Common Soles flip-flop. From the beginning we always told customers that they could return their old and worn out Common Soles to us, but since we’re only about a year old it just really hasn’t come up yet. So here it is – official now because it’s being written on our website which in 2010 terms means it might as well be the 10 Commandments.

Jul 06, 2010
Common Soles
No words needed. Thanks Rigoli!

Apr 15, 2010

Common Soles Coconut Shell Flip FlopsThose are the major components of our latest style flip-flop. We just got them in and are thrilled with how they came out. Comfortable, stylish (at least in our opinion!) and responsibly produced from materials sourced local to the factory in which they were assembled. We’re working on dialing in the micro-initiative these flip-flops will be associated with and hope to have it all online shortly.

In the meantime Rao has been busy with our retail program in the SouthWest. If you’re in Dallas be sure to give him a shout. Being able to communicate with our customers in a forum outside the web will be very helpful for us in learning how people buy footwear. Also what folks look for in materials, fit, and styling.

Mar 08, 2010

Common Soles in New ZealandI just got back from a two week trip to New Zealand. What an incredible country. The best way for me to describe it is: "Lake Tahoe meets Hawaii". It’s that amazing of a place. We toured the South Island and drew a TON of inspiration from the Kiwi culture as well as spoke with dozens of folks who live in flops year round.

During that same time Rao has been focusing efforts on the south-west market of the US. Specifically Texas.  We will have a lot more on that effort shortly.

Feb 01, 2010

Rao and Hema just got back from a trip to Goa where they put a few of our latest designs to the test! Goa is located on the west coast of India in a region known as Konkan.  Known for its beautiful beaches and comfortable climate, Goa pulls visitors from all over the world as a resort destination. Perfect for testing out Common Soles flip-flops!

Common Soles in Goa


Oct 22, 2009

Rao and I have literally scowered India for all and any eco-friendly materials to integrate in our forthcoming styles of flip-flops and footwear.  We met with dozens of vendors selling product that comes from all over India and Asia. The bummer part is they all smiled when we asked for eco-friendly materials and kindly shook there heads.  hmmm...  what to do as we were not going to give up that easily!

It turns out there are quite a few eco-friendly materials that we could easily integrate into our footwear.  They just hadn't been branded that way so nobody knew it, not even the vendors selling the goods.  Here's a sampling of what we found and plan to integrate into our next few styles.

Jute:  Jute is a vegetable fiber that grows all over India. In fact India harvests more than 2 million tons of jute every year which puts them in the lead for tonnage harvested in the world with the next country not even at half that.  Jute is better known as Burlap here in the US, so now you all know what I'm talking about.  Jute is 100% biodegradable and recyclable which makes us happy!  Look for jute in our straps and soles in the future.

Paper: Paper pulp is used to make card-stock. We use card-stock for the hang-tags and hangers for our flip-flops. Apparently almost all the paper pulp processed in India is post-consumer which is something they completely fail to mention!  It may be that post-consumer is perceived as a negative quality wise for the paper producers, but we see it as a positive!

Coconut: You all know the coconut. India harvests more than 9 million tons of it a year putting it at third in the world. The shell of coconuts can be cut and polished to produce a variety of materials which can be used in making a flip-flop. Coconut fiber is also used in several varieties of textile such as the popular Cocona material often used in sportswear.

While we were in India we took samples of the above materials and came up with a few prototypes that used as many eco-friendly materials as possible.  Here are some pictures of that prototype. It has a woven jute sole impregnated with natural rubber for durability and traction, coconut beads and hardware on the strap, and a woven jute insole on the footbed. Let us know what you think!


Oct 13, 2009

Meet the Maestri. He is the guru that figures out how to assemble the wacky product ideas we come up with.  Maestri does it with a cool head, steady hand, and incredible patience. It's amazing how he is able to take our garbled direction and actually produce a product that not only looks good, but fits!


Sep 29, 2009

I am enroute to India to meet up with Rao who has been hard at work over there on new product and initiaitves for Common Soles.  As a result we won't be posting any new blog entries until we return the week of Oct 11th. (I know, you'll miss us...)

The purpose of the trip is to get the next few styles and initiaitves dialed in. A women's flip-flop similar to the picture here, and a men's flop!  Each flop will be sold to generate funding to support an initiaitve relevant to the workers that made the flops. Most likely these initiatives will be education related.  The plan is to have these new styles available later this fall!  Wish us luck and please bear with us these next two weeks as Lisa is running the show here in the US by herself until Oct 11th.

Aug 24, 2009

Our Saahi flip-flop was designed to be a versatile, wear-anywhere flip-flop for women.  The footbed is comfortable and soft, yet firm enough for all day wear.   We've got some great close-up photos of the Saahi that we wanted to share with you.  They say a photo is worth a thousand words - we agree!


Aug 19, 2009

We did it!


Soles . . .

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